Brexbachtal Scout Campsite

The Brexbachtal scout campsite is located in a wonderful valley meadow at the foothills of the Westerwald, near Bendorf-Sayn (Rhein), approx. 10 km north of Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate). The site's owner, the “Fördererwerk St. Georg e.V.”, is a non-profit organization.

The campsite stretches over 3km and comprises about 120,000 square meters in total. Ever since it was founded 50 years ago, the site has hosted small and large camps, as well as international scout camps. The site is divided in over 20 campgrounds of different sizes. Fourteen of the campgrounds each has an additional shelter (Schutzhütte). An open chapel as part of a large ‘thing’- and campfire-site offers the opportunity to celebrate the holy Mass or other events together with all campers.

There are six lavatory buildings spread out over the site and a shower house with 14 showers, toilettes and wash basins. There are also three lodges that are suitable for parties of 10 to 25 people.

Fees for an overnight stay are 3.50 € per person and per night (for Scout groups) or 4.50 € for members of other organizations. This fee covers only maintenance and running costs, such as water, electricity, warm water for the showers, garbage disposal, etc.

Campgrounds with a shelter cost an additional 8.00 € per night. An additional fee applies when renting one of the three cottages. These houses are equipped with their own toilettes, showers, washbasins, a kitchen/cooking facility, refrigerator (natural gas), pots and cutlery. The rental fees are 25.00 € per night (Paradieschen); 35.00 € per night for the Baden-Powell-Haus and 30.00 € per night for the Georgshaus. Further information on our Price List.

The Brexbachtal also houses a small kiosk that sells beverages, candy, T-shirts, scout badges, postcards etc. Camper can receive mail, when addressed to: Your name/group name, c/o Pfadfinderlager Brexbachtal, Postfach 2107, 56165 Bendorf, Germany. A public phone is available near the kiosk.

Garbage disposal creates high costs and is a constant cause of concern: Ee kindly ask you to be conscience of reducing garbage and to sort your trash for recycling. Detailed information is displayed on an info board near the kiosk. 

The digging of holes and trenches is strictly prohibited, in order to avoid damage to underground pipes. The use of motor vehicles on the campsite property is generally prohibited. However, each group is allowed to have ONE car on-site (for emergencies and urgent matters). Upon arrival, you’ll receive a permit for your emergency vehicle. All other motor vehicles must be parked on the public car park at the entrance of the campsite. 

Applications for tent camps must be sent by mail. Please use the registration form, which can be found at . You’ll receive the confirmation by mail. We ask you to show this confirmation to the camp warden upon arrival. Our written confirmation is your right to use the campsite.

We kindly ask you to type or clearly fill out the application forms. We will not process unreadable registration forms. All attendees and visitors are asked to behave with respect, in order to protect the beauty of the Brexbachtal and to allow future generations to enjoy its unique and wonderful natural surroundings.

With best regards and Gut Pfad.

Fördererwerk St. Georg e.V. für den Pfadfinder-Zeltlagerplatz Brexbachtal

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